About us

atlas9_20081217_1274878531ShipCon Ltd. was established in Gdynia in spring 1999. Originally, it aimed at supplying the needs of Icelandic ship market, and specialised in fishing vessels design. Afterwards, we extended our services by additional vessel types, such as tugs and supply vessels, as well as other steel constructions: linkspans and offshore.

Our offer comprises producing classification and technical documentation according to requirements of relevant classification societies and marine administration offices. Furthermore, all workshop and lofting documentation complying with executor’s technological conditions is available.

Repair and rebuilding work considered, we cooperate with specialised companies, which, accompanied by the work of our qualified staff in construction supervising, ensures complex tasks completion with a guarrantee of high quality and promptness. The Company is able to meet any expectation of the customer and produce an optimum offer based on up-to-date contructional and technological solutions and allowing for various production, realization and economy requirements.