Naval contructions

Naval constructionShipCon offers producing complete construction documentation for vessels of various purposes, and specialises in designing new fishing vessels and rebuilding the existing ones.

Four groups of tasks which the Company’s designers have participated in may be pointed out:

Cargo ships

  • producing workshop documentation – adaptation from Russian documentation for bulk carrier 3000 DWT adjusted to containers,
  • reconstruction of the stem of  ships type  ro-ro (new bulb bow),
  • documentation for constructing a new storey of the superstructure with modification of the forecastle deck in ships of type ro-ro,
  • reconstruction of the stem part of a tanker for a new auxiliary  aggregate.

Fishing vessels

Elaborating documentation for building and rebuilding of fishing vessels of various ensigns and appropriation (longliners, stern trawlers, seiners, clam vessels). Within the rebuilding work, we design insert parts for ships, deck equipment replacement, change in fishing techniques and improving crew living standards.

Supply vessels

Technical and workshop documentation for rebuilding vessels into research and seismic vessels (resources quest) is available.

Supplementary offer

  • Other design tasks in different fields are on the Company’s offer, such as:
  • stability documentation with an inclining experiment,
  • scantling of construction,technical analyses for vessels  rebuilding,
  • originator supervision over realisation of own or ordered projects,
  • workshop and lofting documentation for every vessel constructions.